FAQ's About Karmasoft

What is Karmasoft?


Karmasoft is our new web-based studio platform.  Our class schedules, students, teachers and store can all be found on the Karmasoft website.


Why should I register on Karmasoft? 


Registering on Karmasoft makes it super easy to book yourself into classes and make purchases. Once you’ve signed up, your information is securely maintained and a history of your classes, purchases and pending or suspended plans is always available for you to review.


Do I have to book a class to attend?


Yes. If you don’t pre-book the class, you will have no way to access class.


How far in advance do I need to book a class?


  • It’s a good practice to book within 30 minutes of the start of class. That ensures that you’ll receive the email containing the class link when it’s sent @ 15 minutes before class starts. 
  • If you book after the email has already been sent but before class starts, you can refer back to your booking confirmation email for the class link.
  • The closer it gets to class start time, the greater the risk of not getting the information to access class.
  • Once class begins, you will not be able to receive the zoom link information.


What happens when I book a class? When you book a class, you’ll see a confirmation on the screen.  Additionally, you will receive an email confirmation. Approximately @ 15 minutes BEFORE class starts, you will receive another email that contains the ZOOM class link. Follow the link to connect with Zoom.


When should I expect to get an email?  Within a few minutes of booking a class you should receive an email. If you don’t, please check your JUNK folder. If it’s not there, log back into Karmasoft and verify that you completed the booking process.

  • You will receive a 2nd email @ 15 minutes before the start of class with the Zoom link to access class. Follow the link, enter the password and you’re all set!


What happens if I don’t get the email?


  • Ensure that your email information in Karmasoft is correct.
  • Ensure Yes send notification emails is checked on your Karmasoft account.
  • If you don’t receive the email within 10 minutes of the start of class, please check your spam and/or junk folders.  
  • Make sure that you are booked into the correct class by signing back into Karmasoft. 
  • If you booked after the teacher opened the class but  before the start of class, it will take longer for the teacher to get the information to you because it becomes a manual process and not an automated one. You can also refer to your booking confirmation for a link to the class.
  • If you booked within a couple minutes of class time, the teacher may not have had time to get the information to you.
  • If you are not getting the emails timely, consider using a different email.  Update your Karmasoft account with the new email.