Classes and Schedule

Morning Flames: Bring the day into focus with this energizing morning practice. Our Morning Flames is a wonderful practice for yogis of all levels, whether stepping onto your mat for the first time or an experienced practitioner for years! Our teachers will tap into the needs of the students and guide a practice to generate heat and energy so that you will be at your best throughout the entire day.

Sunrise Fire Flow: Wake up and energize by connecting one posture to the next using the breath. Our Sunrise Fire Flow Yoga is a vigorous heat generating vinyasa practice that includes core, cardiovascular and strengthening components to start your day off right!

Fire Flow: Energize and de-stress by connecting one posture to the next using the breath. This is a vigorous, heat generating practice that includes core, cardiovascular, and strengthening components to start your weekend off right!

Essential Earth Foundations: Earth is home. It is structure, cohesion, and where our roots are planted and grown. Explore the key poses of yoga while focusing on movement, strength, stability and ease of each individual part of the pose. Great for those newer to yoga and a wonderful supplement to an experienced yogi’s practice.

Lunch Breeze Express: The element of air fuels the body and stokes the fire of inspiration. Take a quick break in the middle of the day to use the breath in this practice designed to re-energize and re-gain focus for a productive afternoon at the office, running errands or at home.

Cool Rivers: Unwind your day with a heart and mind calming evening practice. Yogis of all levels will benefit from our Cool Rivers practice. A guided practice designed to free the mind and body from tension accumulated throughout the day. Bring yourself into our space and start your evening relaxed!

Nourishing Earth Restorative: Gentle movements to relieve stiffness and tension in the body is the goal of our Nourishing Earth Restorative practice. Poses are supported by blankets, bolsters, blocks, and other props, encouraging deep release and rest in the body. Enhance your awareness by relaxing into each posture. Nourishing Earth Restorative is wonderful for anyone wanting to be still in the present, relax, and relieve stress.