Yogic Studies Modules

Module 1

We’ll be covering warm-ups and sun salutations, diaphragmatic breathing, the spine and back injuries and so much more!


Module 2


We’ll begin working with standing poses, dirga pranayama, anatomy of the feet and the Muladhara Chakra.

Module 3

This module finishes up the study of standing poses, introduces Bhramari Pranayama, the core line and more…

Module 4

Ujjayi pranayama, delightful twists, abdominal muscles and the Manipura Chakra are among the topics covered this module!

Module 5

We’ll cover backbending, breath retention, the deep, dark psoas muscle, and how to choose a focus for your practice and/or class.

Module 6


To combat the heat of the summer, we’ll practice forward bending, alternate nostril breathing, some guided meditation and chair yoga!

Module 7

Seated poses, sitali pranayama, Ajna Chakra, class sequencing and more awaits you this month…

Module 8

Balance, drishti, proprioception and the Sahasrara Chakra are part of this month’s line up!

Module 9

We’re almost to the finish line, so let’s turn things upside down with some inversions and arm balances!  And, we’ll discus shoulder stability, chakras and yoga ethics.

Module 10

Cool and dark with yin & restorative yoga, some breath counting variations, discussion about the nervous system and the business of yoga.  You made it!