I inadvertently stumbled onto this wonderful boutique yoga studio this morning in Coppell.  I already recommended several people to sign up with “Yoga From the Heart”. It is cute, tranquil and clean. Teacher Jan who taught the Saturday noon class was exceptional. Teachers here probably will surpass even the City of San Francisco. Come and check it out. You won’t be disappointed.


I know I have a long ways to go, but learning and practicing yoga is very important to me. You all have been so kind and friendly too at a time when I have a lot of stress and emotional issues going on, and since there’s no way you can know that, it means that you are just kind and friendly people all the time!


I really enjoyed the workshop, not only for the new ideas it has given me.  It is such a pleasure to see you and your joy and enthusiasm for what you do.  It is inspiring to see how you truly love and connect with people.


Your classes are so wonderful.  I always feel enlightened in some way after leaving.


Class is like a bottle of wine, an hour of therapy and a spa visit wrapped up into one!