Jan Guinn, Studio Owner, E-RYT500, YACEP

“I’ve been a dedicated yoga practitioner for many years and since my first yoga class, I knew that yoga would change my life….and so it has. In 2004, I left my career as a home health care executive to become a yoga teacher. ”

— Jan

I began my training with YogaFit and knew I wanted more!! I completed my 200 hour teacher training with NamasteUSA in the Scaravelli style of yoga and my 500 hour training with DeAnna Shires’ Breathe into Awareness Advanced Studies Program.  I am registered as an E-RYT500 with Yoga Alliance.

I was drawn to teaching yoga because I wanted to feel as though I was making a difference in people’s lives.  I had no idea what a difference people would make in my life!  When I look out into a class and see the faces of students, I can’t help but be inspired by their tenacity, their courage to try something new and their ability to bounce back from all the set-backs they’ve experienced in their lives.  I can only hope to reflect those same qualities back to them!

My classes are paced in a way that allows each individual student to feel successful. All students are welcome – from beginners to advanced – and are encouraged to work at the level that best suits their needs. We don’t move quickly from one pose to the next, providing time to breathe and establish a nice, firm foundation in each pose. My intention is to provide a safe, friendly, non-competitive environment.

Jackie Romero, E-RYT200

“My passion is to help students realize increased self-awareness by letting go of negativity & become more balanced in their lives; enhancing the unity of mind, body and spirit through the experience of yoga.”

— Jackie

Jackie began practicing yoga over 30 years ago as a teenager, and has been involved with yoga ever since.  She has spent the better part of her life in the practice and teaching of physical fitness and overall wellness.  Initially, she taught fitness and aerobics, and later became a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT), and has worked in that area for over twenty years.  She also earned her Master’s Degree in Marriage-Family Therapy(MFT) and has worked with several doctors in their practices.  

The pursuit and attainment of her Registered Yoga Teacher Certification through Yoga Island was both a logical progression and culmination of a lifelong interest that has blossomed into a passion for yoga.  Jackie has studied with a variety of teachers, including Rod Stryker, Seanne Corn, Baron Baptiste, Ana Forest , Judith Lasater,  Dharma Mittra, Desiree Rumbaugh and Suzie Aldous.  She is also certified to teach Pre-Natal Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Yoga for MS.  

Michelle Silva, RYT500

“Yoga changed my life for the better, and allows my body and mind to connect and reach my full potential.”

— Michelle

Michelle took her first yoga class in 2001 at Baylor University, and has been practicing yoga ever since. Yoga has been both a compliment and a necessity to her other passion as an equestrian.

Finally, in 2008 she was able to pursue her dream of becoming a 200 Registered Yoga Teacher. Her passion for yoga only grew as she began her teaching career, and is ever evolving.  Now, Michelle is continuing her yogic education by studying with world-renowned teachers and pursuing a certification in Therapeutic Yoga.

Yoga has been adopted into her life not only as a physical practice, but also as a lifestyle. She hopes to inspire students to do the same, or at least help them to feel freedom in their bodies.

Claudia Zinser, RYT200

“After many years as a yoga student, obtaining my RYT was a logical step to provide the skills and knowledge to share Yoga and its abundant health benefits.”

— Claudia

Claudia attained her 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) certification in 2009 through Surya Center for Yoga, a Yoga Alliance endorsed teacher training program. 

In 2010 Claudia completed 50hrs of Anusara Teacher Training with world renowned instructor, Ross Rayburn and 36hrs, part one, of the Anusara Immersion course with Becky Klett and Ross.  She recently completed the 9 month Ayurveda Living Course with Ayurvedic practitioner and Anusara certified, Cate Stillman.  Other noted Anusara teachers with whom Claudia has studied are Andrew Rivin, Christina Sell, Jaye Martin, Julieta Clair and Neesha Zollinger.  

During her professional career, Claudia was surrounded by numbers, with over 20 years in Public Accounting, providing solutions & improvements to accounting & tax processes.

Suzy Swafford, RYT500

“Yoga is a beautiful way to develop the relationship between your mind, body, and spirit. It’s a journey anyone can take and everyone who does grows in unexpected ways!”

— Suzy

My deepest learning from yoga so far has been to accept and celebrate.  Celebrate my body for the poses it can do, accept that there is more work to be done on the ones that it can’t.  Accept that some days, I can quiet my mind during savasana endlessly, while other days I find that I’ve created a full to-do list while trying to lie still for as little as 45 seconds. and celebrate both of those days because I honored myself enough to go to my mat. Above all, I celebrate and honor every breath, because within each breath, there is peace .

I came to yoga in 1997 through a magazine.  At the time, I was living out of the country and in an area where there wasn’t any opportunity for any type of studio practice. In the magazine there was an article for an easy 20 minute yoga practice.  I looked and thought to myself, I can do 20 minutes a day!  After about  a  month of practicing that routine, I purchased a book on yoga, and diligently read it and practiced each of the postures in the book over and over and over again.  I couldn’t get enough, and still use that book to this day.  

I eventually moved to the Dallas area where studios were easy to find and began my practice here.  I read so much on the topic and as my practice grew, I felt my inner peace improve.  The decision to become a RYT-200 Teacher at the time was only to deepen my practice.  The training so transformed me that I now want to share what I’ve learned and assist others in finding their inner peace. 

Lisa Schrakamp, RYT500

“In yoga, I found the mind/body/spirit connection to be the best form of self care I could practice.”


In 2009, I had a six week break from ballet classes and was looking for a way to fill that void and stay in shape, so I decided to try yoga.  I never expected to stick with it after those six weeks, but I was hooked!

In yoga, I found the mind/body/spirit connection to be the best form of self care I could practice. It fit perfectly into my world of wife, mom, school counselor and dancer. On more than one occasion, my kids or husband would “suggest” I go take a yoga class and I couldn’t agree more.  Obviously, my yoga practice benefited the whole family.

I am a consummate learner. I work in education, have two masters degrees and love learning, so pursuing yoga teacher training was a natural progression of my yoga practice. I completed the 200 hour teacher training program with Jan at Yoga From the Heart in 2017 and am growing so much as a yogi and a person.

I teach a class focused on core strength with a fun flow.  I am excited to be able to share my yoga experience with you and look forward to seeing you on the mat soon!

Carol Hill, RYT200

“I am blessed.”

— Carol

Carol started yoga classes about six years ago – taking classes from a friend who was in yoga teacher training.  When her friend moved out of state she wanted to continue with her yoga practice and walked into her first studio class scared to death!  For several classes she used a chair to get up from the floor, to press up into downward dog and for support during balance poses.  But she persevered and found herself growing stronger and more confident with each class.

She enrolled in yoga teacher training at Yoga From the Heart in 2014 and completed her 200 hour certification and is the process of finishing her 500 hour certification.  Carol loves teaching beginner yoga, chair and chair-assisted yoga, restorative yoga and meditation and yoga nidra.

Maithreyi Satish, RYT200

“Yoga is finding stillness, the inner self and purpose, from movement will arise the stillness. Yoga is exploring breath and the ability to control it with ease.”

— Maithreyi

Namaste! I am Maithreyi [My-three] and have been practicing yoga for the past 18 years. I have practiced the Mysore and S-Vyasa style of yoga all these years. When I joined my RYT200 at Yoga from the Heart, little did I realize how much my thinking and teaching techniques would change and impact my classes positively. I am truly blessed to have been trained and practiced under different gurus. I must confess that I have tried other forms of exercise, but have been able to heal my body inside out only through yoga. My goal is to share the healing benefits of yoga with my community and everyone who seeks to enjoy it.

I offer both group and private classes. My classes are suitable for all levels and I focus on pausing in the asanas to build strength, and to explore our body with our breath. I look forward to seeing you all at the studio!

Michi Poindexter, RYT200

“My goal as a teacher is to support those on the journey of healing in each individual’s unique way and accept what my students teach me to further my own journey of healing.”

— Michi

Michi started their yoga journey with community classes in 2015. Michi quickly discovered that yoga was a great tool for healing personal traumas and mental disorders which transformed into a daily practice that still stands today. Michi fell in love with the yoga community and wanted to give back by teaching, leading them to complete their 200 hour yoga teacher training at Yoga From the Heart. With their trauma training and energy work background they emphasize trauma healing by sharing techniques to take yoga off the mat and learn to practice yoga in life.