Ayurveda Spring Cleanse


Why Cleanse?
Ayurveda recommends we cleanse 2 times a year at the changing of the seasons. During spring our Kapha dosha may get out of balance. Our reserves may feel depleted which can cause us to feel burned out physically and emotionally. It’s time to release what we’ve accumulated and take time to re-set.
Phase 1 [days 1-7]: Pre-cleanse-taking account & our mental prep
Phase 2 [days 7-14]: Cleanse begins
Phase 3 [days 14-21]: Post cleanse/supporting and re-building phase. We keep supporting all the right effort in lifestyle & slowly add foods back into our diet so we can be clear how they make us feel.

Usher in vibrant energy & optimal health as we guide you on this wellness journey to Restore, Repair & gently bring Body & Mind back into Balance based on ancient wisdom & science. Move from Winter foods to better choices for Spring and Summer digestion. More than just a gentle cleanse; you’ll learn simple daily lifetime habits, cooking skills with healthy whole foods, spices & ghee (the healthy butter) & much more! 3 phase eBook, 3 Group webinar/video conference (To go over Phase 1, 2, 3 info and check-ins) and bonus: Ghee & Khichari making videos included !

What have past cleansers said !
“My sugar cravings went away completely !”
“ My gut feels so much better ! I am actually able to enjoy food !”
“ Wow ! I lost 5 pounds !”
“I am feeling light and full of energy”
“I am sleeping so much better at night !”

Starts: Sunday 05/17/2020
Ends : Sunday 06/07/2020
Investment: $99 per person early bird (until May 4th)
$125 per person regular price (after May 4th)
$178 Friend and you offer early bird rate (until May 4th).

Who can register for the cleanse?
Any person over, Age 18 and above and interested in Ayurveda cleanse, except for few exceptions **.

Anyone below 18 yrs of age, pregnant women and people who may not be able to do Ayurveda cleanse due to health conditions. If you have questions regarding if you can participate in Ayurveda Spring cleanse send us an email at gauri@ayurnutrition.com

When does the Ayurveda Spring Cleanse Online start and end?
It starts 05/17/2020 and ends 06/07/2020, Out of which only one week (phase 2) is the actual cleanse.

Where do we meet for the cleanse?
This is an online event. During cleanse, we will meet online for the three group webinar/video conferences.

What is the cost to participate in the Spring Ayurveda Cleanse? Can a friend join me?
$99 per person (early bird until May 4th), $125 (Regular price) after May 4th. Remember you are investing in your wellness! Yes of course, we have a special Friend and you offer ($178 for 2 people @ early bird rate until May 4th). Invite your friends and family to join with you!

What is included in the Ayurveda Spring Cleanse Online event?
E-book, 3 Group webinar/video conference (To go over Phase 1,2,3 info and check-ins), Ghee making and Khichari making videos with recipes. Once registered for the event, more details along with a weekly schedule will be emailed to the participants.

About the Presenters:

Gauri Junnarkar:
Gauri is the founder of ‘ Ayurnutrition’, an integrative & holistic wellness practice in DFW, TX. Gauri is a Food, Nutrition and Ayurveda Expert.She is a Registered Licensed Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator, Ayurveda Practitioner (Vaidya) and Licensed Massage Therapist. Gauri has a Masters in Nutrition and Bachelor’s Degree in Ayurveda.
Ph: 972-999-0203

Lynne Clem:
Lynne is Certified Yoga Instructor and Ayurveda Yoga Specialist.
ph: 817-739-3886

If you have any questions or concerns about the Ayurveda Spring Cleanse: Online event, please contact us via email at:
gauri@ayurnutrition.com & Lynne@YogaInDFW.com