Spring Detox

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Juicing for Your Dosha

Sunday, April 15th

2pm - 4pm


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Spring Detox with

Jessica Craft,  E-RYT200, RYT500

Juice Cleansing is definitely not a one size fits all and you should take many things in consideration before you start one. Some people do great with juice fasting, others should include food with their cleanse. For some, a two day cleanse is fine, others need longer to get results.  Plus, each person should focus on juices from the fruits and vegetables that better suit their Dosha. You should also take into consideration your schedule, your lifestyle and what season of the year it is. Even if you're not cleansing, juices can become a great way to get more fruits and veggies into your everyday life!

If you're feeling heavy and sluggish after your winter hibernation, or you just want to learn more about juicing, come join us for this active and informative workshop!

We'll get moving with a detoxing yoga practice to help cleanse the lymphatic system, followed by a brief, mindful meditation. Afterwards, we'll replenish with samples of fresh, cold pressed juices made by Smoothie Factory in Coppell along with some homemade nut milks. Everyone will take the Dosha quiz and we'll discuss juicing for your Dosha(s). We'll also talk about where in our area to buy juices, buying juices vs making them yourself, how long to juice, what foods to eat while juicing, possible side effects and what kinds of results to expect.

All body types and fitness levels are invited!

No particular brand of juices is being promoted at this workshop; instead we'll be comparing many that are out there. I'm using Smoothie Factory for samples since they are a local business, I like their juices and the manager, Haj, has been very nice to work with me.